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WearingLaw was established in 2011 by Joseph Wearing, a forerunner in employment law in South Australia. WearingLaw offers sought-after expertise in employment and personal injury law.

Industrial and workers compensation laws change frequently. They are complex and often technical. If you need legal assistance, you should consult a specialist.

In 2016, Karin Harris and Donald Blairs joined the firm. Karin brings with her a wealth of experience in Wills and Estates. Donald adds depth and experience in industrial relations, employment and workers compensation law.

In 2017, we welcome Kris Hanna to our team. Kris brings many years of experience with him and will focus on employment law and Wills and Estates.

WearingLaw has been identified by Doyle's Guide as a leading firm in the area of Employment Law.

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Joseph Wearing

Specialises in employment disputes, workers compensation, unfair dismissals and wages claims.

Karin Harris

Specialises in Wills and Estates.

Donald Blairs

Specialises in workers compensation and industrial disputes, including underpayment claims and unfair dismissals.

Kris Hanna

Specialises in resolving employment disputes and Wills and Estates, including obtaining Probate and administration of Estates.